01: Puss Gets The Boot

02: The Midnight Snack

03: The Night Before Christmas

04: Fraidy Cat

05: Dog Trouble

06: Puss 'N' Toots

07: The Bowling Alley-Cat

08: Fine Feathered Friend

09: Sufferin' Cats!

10:The Lonesome Mouse

11:The Yankee Doodle Mouse

12: Baby Puss

13: The Zoot Cat

14: The Million Dollar Cat

15: The Body Guard

16: Puttin' On The Dog

17: Mouse Trouble

18: The Mouse Comes To Dinner

19: Mouse In Manhattan

20: Tee For Two

21: Flirty Birdy

22: Quiet Please

23: Springtime For Thomas

24: The Milky Waif

25: Trap Happy

26: Solid Serenade

27: Cat Fishin'

28: Part Time Pal

29: The Cat Concerto

30: Jekyll And Mr Mouse

31: Salt Water Tabb

32: A Mouse In The House

33: The Invisible Mouse

34: Kitty Foiled

35: The Truce Hurts

36: Old Rockin' Chair Tom

37: Professor Tom

38: Mouse Cleaning

39: Polka-Dot Puss

40: The Little Orphan

41: Hatch Up Your Troubles

42: Heavenly Puss

43: The Cat and The Mermouse

44: Love That Pup

45: Jerry's Diary

46: Tennis Chumps

47: Little Quacker

48: Saturday Evening Puss

49: Texas Tom

50: Jerry And The Lion

51: Safety Second

52:Tom And Jerry In The Hollywood Bowl

53: The Framed Cat

54: Cueball Cat

55: Casanova Cat

56.Jerry And The Goldfish

57.Jerry's Cousin

58.Sleepy-Time Tom

59.His Mouse Friday

60.Slicked-Up Pup

61.Nit-Witty Kitty

62.Cat Napping

63.The Flying Cat

64.The Duck Doctor

65.The Two Mousketeers

66.Smitten Kitten

67: Triplet Trouble

68.Little Runaway

69.Fit To Be Tied

70: Push-Bottom Kitty

71: Cruise Cat

72.The Dog House

73.The Missing Mouse

74.Jerry And Jumbo

75.Johann Mouse

76.That's My Pup

77.Just Ducky

78.Two Little Indians

79: Life With Tom

80: Puppy Tale

81: Posse Cat

82.Hic-cup Pup

83:Little School Mouse

84: Baby Butch

85: Mice Follies

86: Neapolitan Mouse

87: Downhearted Duckling

88.Pet Peeve

89: Touche, Pussy Cat!

90: Southbound Duckling

91: Pup On A Picnic

92: Mouse For Sale

93: Designs On Jerry

94: Tom And Cherie

95: Smarty Cat

96: Pecos Pest

97: That's My Mommy

98: The Flying Sorceress

99: The Egg And Jerry

100: Busy Buddies

101: Muscle Beach Tom

102: Downbeat Bear

103: Blue Cat Blues

104: Barbecue Brawl

105: Tops With Pops

106: Timid Tabby

107: Feedin' The Kiddie

108: Mucho Mouse

109: Tom's Photo Finish

110: Happy Go Ducky

111: Royal Cat Nap

112: The Vanishing Duck

113: Robin Hoodwinked

114: .Tot Watchers

115: Switchin' Kitten

116: Down And Outing

117: It's Greek to Me-ow

118: High Steaks

119: Mouse Into Space

120: Landing Stripling

121: Calypso Cat

122: Dicky Moe

123: The Tom And Jerry Cartoon Kit

124: Tall in the Trap

125: Sorry Safari

126: Buddies... Thicker Than Water

127: Carmen Get It!

128: Penthouse Mouse

129: The Cat Above And The Mouse Below

130: Is There a Doctor In The Mouse?

131: .Much Ado About Mousing

132: Snowbody Loves Me

133: The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse

134: Ah Sweet Mouse-stroy of Life

135: Tom-Ic Energy

136: Bad Day At Cat Rock

137: The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off

138: Haunted Mouse

139: I'm Just Wild About Jerry

140: Of Feline Bondage

141: The Year of The Mouse

142: The Cat's Me-ouch

143: Duel Personality

144: Jerry, Jerry Quite Contrary

145: Jerry Go-Round

146: Love Me, Love My Mouse

147: Puss 'n' Boats

148: Filet Meow

149: Matinee Mouse

150: The A-Tom-Inable Snowman

151: Caty Cornered

152: Cat and Dupli-Cat

153: O-Solar Meow

154: Guided Mouse-Ille

155: Rock 'n' Rodent

156: Cannery Rodent

157: The Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R

158: Surf Bored Cat

159: Shutter Bugged Cat

160: Advanced and Be Mechanized

161: Purr-Chance to Dream

1: No Way, Stowaways

2: The Ski Bunny

3: Stay Awake or Else...

4: No Bones About It

5: An Ill Wind

6: Beach Bully

7: Mammoth Manhunt

8: The Wacky World of Sports

9: Robin Ho Ho

10: Safe But Not Sorry

11: La talpa (Gopher Broke)

12: The Super Bowler

13: Tricky McTrout

14: The Tennis Menace

15: Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse

16: Castle Wiz

17: Grim and Bear It

18: The Flying Sorceress

19: Gattositter (The Kitten Sitters)

20: Termites Plus Two

21: Planet Pest

22: The Hypochondriac Lion

23: Give 'Em the Air

24: The Egg and Tom and Jerry

25: Watch Out, Watch Dog

26: The Super Cyclists

27: The Police Kitten

28: The Outfoxed Fox

29: Towering Fiasco

30: The Lost Duckling

31: Beanstalk Buddies

32: Two Stars Are Born

33: Son of Gopher Broke

34: The Sorcerer's Apprentices

35: Hold That Pose

36: The Supercape Caper

37: Chickenrella

38: Double Trouble Crow

39: Jerry's Nephew

40: See Dr. Jackal and Hide

41: Planet of the Dogs

42: The Campout Cutup

43: Triple Trouble

44: The Bull Fighters

45: Cruise Kitty

46: It's No Picnic

47: Big Feet

48: The Great Motorboat Race

1a "Farewell, Sweet Mouse"

1b "Droopy's Restless Night"

1c "New Mouse in the House"

2a "Heavy Booking"

2b "Matterhorn Droopy"

2c "The Puppy Sitter"

 3a "Most Wanted Cat"

3b "Pest in the West"

3c "Cat in the Fiddle"

4a "Invasion of the Mouse Snatchers"

4b "The Incredible Droop"

4c "The Plaid Baron Strikes Again"

5a "Incredible Shrinking Cat"

5b "Scared Bear"

5c "When the Rooster Crows"

6a "School for Cats"

6b "Disco Droopy"

6c "Pied Piper Puss"

7a "Under the Big Top"

7b "Lumber Jerks"

7c "Gopher It, Tom"

8a "Snowbrawl"

8b "Getting the Foot"

8c "Kitty Hawk Kitty"

9a "Get Along, Little Jerry"

9b "Star-Crossed Wolf"

9c "Spike's Birthday"

10a "No Museum Peace"

10b "A Day at the Bakery"

10c "Mouse Over Miami"

11a "The Trojan Dog"

11b "Foreign Legion Droopy"

11c "Pie in the Sky"

12a "Save That Mouse"

12b "Old Mother Hubbard"

12c "Say What?"

 13a "Superstocker"

13b "Droopy's Good Luck Charm"

 13c "The Great Mousini"

14a "Jerry's Country Cousin"

14b "The Great Diamond Heist"

14c "Mechanical Failure"

15a "A Connecticut Mouse in King Arthur's Cork"

 15b "The Great Train Rubbery"

 15c "Stage Struck"

1ª Temporada

1 - Tiger Cat
Feeding Time
Polar Peril

2 - Joy Riding Jokers
Cat Got Your Luggage?
City Dump Chumps

3 - Way Off Broadway
Egg Beats
Cry Uncle

4 - Bats What I Like About the South
Fraidy Cat Scat
Tomb it May Concern

5  - Dino-Sores
Freaky Tiki

6 - Digital Dilemma
Hi, Robot
Tomcat Jetpack

7 - Fire Breathing Tom Cat
Medieval Menace
The Itch

8 - Ho, Ho Horror
Dog-Gone Hill Hog
Northern Light Fish Fight

9 - Cat Nebula
Martian Mice
Spaced Out Cat

10 - Octo Suave
Beach Bully Bingo
Treasure Map Scrap

11 - Destruction Junction
Battle of the Power Tools
Jackhammered Cat

12 - Tin Cat of Tomorrow
Beefcake Tom
Tom Cat, Superstar

13 - Piranha Be Loved
Spook House Mouse

2ª Temporada

14 - More Powers to You
Catch Me Though You Can't
Power Tom

15 - Zent Out of Shape
I Dream of Meanie
Which Witch

16 - Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day
Cat Show Catastrophe
The Cat Whisperer

17 - Adventures in Penguin Sitting
Cat of Prey
Jungle Love

18 - Invasion of the Body Slammers
Monster Con
Over the River and Boo the Woods

19 - Xtreme Trouble
A Life Less Guarded

20 - Summer Squashing
League of Cats
Little Big Mouse

21 - Bend It Like Thomas
Endless Bummer
Game, Set, Match

22 - The Declaration of Independence
Kitty Hawked
24 Karat Kat

23 - Hockey Schtick
Snow Brawl
The Abominable Snowmouse

24 - DJ Jerry
Kitty Kat Blues
Flamenco Fiasco

25 - You're Lion
Monkey Chow

26 - Game of Mouse & Cat
Babysitting Blues
Catfish Follies